We are here for you

Each plate is important, and we are fortunate in the Pacific Northwest to have an abundance of flora and fauna revered worldwide. We work with local purveyors, sourcing with care to cultivate those special relationships. We source from remarkable independent, organic, and sustainable ranchers, farmers, fishermen (and women) whom we consider partners.

Our exceptional selection of new and old-world wines pair with our highly seasonal fish, flora, fungi, fauna and fresh pasta, which are prepared daily. Chef Christina works closely with the beverage team with our everchanging tasting menu. Wines are meticulously paired with each course to elevate your dining experience. Our tasting menu with wine pairing is a must when you come to visit us.

Seasonal preparations from our adept culinary and beverage team offer perfect pairings to compliment your meal. Start with a classic Negroni Corretto from the craft cocktail list and get ready for an extraordinary experience!

Our Commitment

84 Yesler is neighborhood restaurant without borders. You will find this in the openness of our space, the welcoming spirit in which we receive you, and way we demonstrate our philosophy of service. There are no walls by design, you, the culinary and service team are joined with intention. We aim to prosper through integrity and community participation.

We aim to provide an exquisite experience for our neighbors, travelers from afar, simply celebrating life and special occasions to cherish.

Our carefully selected service personnel embrace the Japanese spirit of caring for others with the whole heart and from the bottom of the heart (Omotenashi), and our service strives to be authentically attentive and anticipatory (Kikubari).

Location & History

We are a Seattle neighborhood seafood restaurant nestled in a storied restaurant space in the heart of historic Pioneer Square. You may view Elliot Bay and enjoy the sea air from our room as well as the uniquely urban feel of such a downtown address.

We look forward to serving you soon!

General Manager, Michael Don Rico

Michael defines the term, “seasoned hospitality professional” he makes running an operation with exacting standards and lots of moving parts look seamless. Sam also says Michael knows how to hire exceptional staff. The team at 84 Yesler is very much in sync because they have the mindset of the exceptional leaders they work with. Michael’s management experience runs the gamut of opening management team for El Gaucho, partner at Branzino, first Westerner to work with Chef Shiro Kashiba to open the acclaimed Sushi Kashiba, among other celebrated Seattle intuitions past & present. Service at 84 Yesler is attentive, caring and anticipatory, in large part because of Michael.

Chef, Christina Siegl

Christina received her start in the restaurant profession at the age of 19, when she received an apprenticeship from fellow dressage equestrian, Joe Whinney, founder of Theo’s chocolate. After her apprenticeship, she went to culinary school at Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary arts in Colorado. After her graduation, she wanted to see more of the world. Being of German/American heritage, she has dual citizenship, so could go to Cologne to live and work. She prepared herself by looking up the best restaurant in Cologne, the acclaimed restaurant, Vendôme. There she worked under chef Joachim Wissler, and in the same hotel at Trattoria Enoteca, rated 18 out of 20 Gault-Millau score structure. Later, she became Chef Garde Manger, at Malteser Komturei in Herrenstrunden Gladbach, Germany, a boutique hotel in the outskirts of Cologne.

She worked diligently, and
learned a great deal in the discipline of cuisine. She also learned within the German culture that
food is wine, and pairing is a magnificent way to elevate what is on the plate as well as the glass
before you in your dining experience.
After two years, and still having wanderlust, she decided to take a year sabbatical. Christina’s love
for Lord of the Rings lured her to New Zealand. She travelled in a camper van to tour the areas of
the two-island country in search of LOTR film locations. She found herself in the small beach town
of Russel, in the Bay of Islands, where she worked at The Wharf restaurant as Patissier, then as
Sous Chef.
Christina decided to return to Berlin, where she worked as Patissier at Pauly Saal, the one Michelin
star restaurant in hotel Adlon Kempinsky. She worked there for a year. After her time there,
Christina felt the pull of home, family and her love of the Pacific Northwest.
She returned home, and took a little time to relax, regroup and decide her next move into the
restaurant industry here. She chose to go to RN74, the very busy restaurant in the heart of
downtown. She found the new challenge of the construct of the kitchen that employs what is
known as “the line,” which is very different than is what is done abroad. Rather than to be in
charge of one aspect of the construct of the plate, now is charged with the entirety of the placing
the presentation of the plate. She remained there for two years. Seeking something more intimate
and innovating, a fresh opportunity to join a new venture: the creation of 84 Yesler.
After long conversations with General Manager, Michael Rico, and owner Sam Takahashi, she felt
great possibilities were before her. She joined the team, and showed her great talent, and recently
was promoted to Executive Chef. Her warm communicative style has her team well engaged and
their creative juices flowing. She works closely with the front of house ensuring that they have a
clear understanding of all aspects of each dish. She also works closely with the beverage team to
present wine pairings for the phenomenal tasting menu line-up that is constantly changing and
exciting, while utilizing the freshest, seasonal ingredients that our region offers.

84 Yesler Owner, Susumu (Sam) Takahashi

Sam was born in Nara, Japan. Graduating from Kyoto University of Foreign Studies in 1964, and then working in international trade before moving to Seattle in 1979 to open the teppanyaki and sushi restaurant Kamon of Kobe. He also consulted with Seattle based Schwarz Brothers Restaurants to open American style restaurants in Japan. Sam also worked as advisor of Westin Hotel, Seattle under Aoki ownership in 1990’s. In 2015, he partnered with Chef Shiro Kashiba and his team to open the very popular Sushi Kashiba in Pike Place Market. Susumu san, believes that hospitality and good food have universal tenants and that these concepts are borderless. "Good food is good life. Great food is great life."